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Apr 15, 2014

John and Craig visit Ben Blacker's Nerdist Writers Panel for a special crossover episode, recorded in front of a live audience on April 13, 2014.


As television gets more cinematic, what if feature writing was more like TV writing, with multiple writers together in a room? Would movies get better or worse? Could a Joss Whedon or a Vince Gilligan make movies the way they make television?


We have another live show coming up: May 15th, featuring writers from the biggest superhero movies and a live Three Page Challenge. Tickets go on sale Thursday.


This is a two part episode! You can hear the other half at Nerdist Writers Panel. Seach for "Nerdist Writers Panel" iTunes, or follow the links in the show notes.


Our thanks to Ben Blacker and the Nerdist empire for a great evening. If you're not already listening to his podcast, subscribe.





You can download the episode here: AAC | mp3.