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Dec 20, 2011

Craig and John explain what producers do at least, what they're supposed to do and discuss the myriad subclasses of producers that litter the opening titles of many movies.

Which is the more impressive credit producer or executive producer? In film, it's the former. In TV, it's the latter. But whatever the title,...

Dec 13, 2011

Craig and John plug a book by their very first sponsor and discuss elective brain surgery, before tackling an exhaustive but illuminating list of questions from listener Daniel Barkeley.

They're residual questions about residuals, which seems very meta:

  • Do TV show creators get compensated for every rerun?
  • How do...

Dec 6, 2011

Craig and John look at why the books and seminars purporting to teach screenwriting are generally terrible, trying to reduce the hard work of the craft to a series of formulas and templates.

It's a rare podcast in which I sway Craig's opinion whatsoever, but if you listen really carefully, I think he leaves the show...

Nov 29, 2011

Craig and John take a look at awards-season screeners before diving deep into a discussion of how residuals work and why they're so important to screenwriters.

Plus, a visit from Craig's cleaning lady, who thinks he's insane.

Near the end of our discussion on residuals, I give some actual numbers on an actual movie....

Nov 22, 2011

John and Craig tackle reader questions about self distribution, pseudonyms, separated rights, and studios' feelings about international versus domestic box office.

They also explain the fallacy of equating effort in with value out, discuss why the WGA should address sweepstake pitches and coverage for videogame writers,...