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Nov 29, 2011

Craig and John take a look at awards-season screeners before diving deep into a discussion of how residuals work and why they're so important to screenwriters.

Plus, a visit from Craig's cleaning lady, who thinks he's insane.

Near the end of our discussion on residuals, I give some actual numbers on an actual movie....

Nov 22, 2011

John and Craig tackle reader questions about self distribution, pseudonyms, separated rights, and studios' feelings about international versus domestic box office.

They also explain the fallacy of equating effort in with value out, discuss why the WGA should address sweepstake pitches and coverage for videogame writers,...

Nov 16, 2011

Craig and John discuss musicals, split time lines, split personalities and the human brain.

How does your inner-screenwriter affect how you see plays? Why is writing the second act of a screenplay such a slog? And is hearing voices in your head an asset as a writer? All this and more in the twelfth episode of...

Nov 8, 2011

When you read articles claiming every Hollywood movie loses money, an obvious question arises: "Why do they keep making them, then?" In this installment, John and Craig explain how the film industry spends and makes money.

It's a big and complicated topic. You could easily spend a semester studying it John did but this...

Nov 1, 2011

Craig and John go through the mailbox to answer listener questions. Can great actors save bad writing? What happens when writing partners split up? Are flashbacks always a bad idea? Should a young British comedy writer move to America?

All this, plus discussion of Halloween, and dressing up dogs.