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Mar 26, 2013

Craig is sick and John is in the middle of tech rehearsals, but nothing will stop them from discussing another batch of Three Page Challenges.

This week we look at four entries, including one that Craig likes so much he can't wait to read the whole script. It's an episode chock full of sex, prayers, early-morning beers...

Mar 19, 2013

Craig and John discuss the big Veronica Mars/Kickstarter news in one of the more contentious podcasts to date. If you like umbrage, this is the show for you.

Next up, Highland has finally shipped. The plaintext screenplay editor (and PDF melter) raises questions about the assumption of security-through-laboriousness and...

Mar 12, 2013

John and Craig talk homesickness and daddy issues before diving into a discussion on what Rhythm and Hues's bankruptcy means for the film industry and similar scenarios screenwriters might face down the road.

Opening the listener mailbag, we answer questions about shop-around agreements, naming minor characters,...

Mar 5, 2013

Craig and John take a look at an old post that found new life this week when it got picked up on Twitter and Reddit. We go beyond the bullet points to look at the process of writing a scene, from asking the basic questions to getting the words on the page.

  1. What needs to happen in this scene?
  2. What's the worst that would...