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Nov 28, 2017


John and Craig explore the possibilities and consequences of Disney’s potential purchase of Fox film and television studios. What might prevent the sale? What does each side stand to gain? To lose? What could it mean for writers?

Then, it’s another installment of “This Kind of Scene,” in which we dissect the mechanics of an effective breakup scene by looking at Casablanca, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, (500) Days of Summer, Love and Basketball, Brokeback Mountain and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The Scriptnotes live holiday show is December 7th in Hollywood, with special guest writer-producers Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries), Michael Green (American Gods) and Justin Marks (Counterpart). Ticket link below.


* Holiday Live Show tickets are available.
* Godless on Netflix
* The first 5 chapters of Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire are online.
* Hollywood studio real estate-related articles about Studio City, Century City, the history of the Disney Studio and CBS’ possible move to sell Television City.
* Casablanca scene and script, with the scene starting on page 119.
* Forgetting Sarah Marshall scene, pages, and script.
* (500) Days of Summer scene, pages, and script.
* Love and Basketball scene, pages, and script.
* Brokeback Mountain scene, pages, and script.
* Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene, pages, and script.
* Merriam-Webster Time Traveler will show you the words that were added in any given year.
* If you like that, you might like the Google n-gram viewer which graphs frequency of word use.
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* The USB drives!
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