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Dec 5, 2017

John and Craig share their insight into pitching for television. How is it different that pitching features? How do express your passion for the project? How do you avoid being a Willy Loman pitching to a Willy Loman? (Sometimes you don’t.)

We also follow-up on the conversation about sexual harassment, with a focus on how men, bosses, and unions can work to make a safer, more comfortable workplace for everyone.

Reminder that the Scriptnotes Holiday Live Show is this Thursday in Hollywood. Ticket link below.


* Holiday Live Show tickets are available.
* A sexual harrassment resource guide from the WGA.
* The Tangle Teezer hair brush as recommended on Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools
* Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
* Initial write ups/pitch documents for DC, The Circle (a.k.a. Alaska), and Ops.
* The Scriptnotes Listeners’ Guide!
* The USB drives!
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