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May 22, 2018

John and Craig talk about the way that movies tend to bring their stories full circle, and what that means for writers trying to figure out their story beats. They discuss rhyming, bookending and how properly setting up the central thematic question helps make the answer feel meaningful.

We also answer listener questions about putting one’s work on YouTube, annotating scripts, and arbitration.


* Our next live Scriptnotes with Jonah Nolan & Lisa Joy (Westworld) and Stephen McFeely & Christopher Markus (Avengers: Infinity War) is TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 22nd at the ArcLight in Hollywood. Proceeds benefit Hollywood HEART, which runs special programs and summer camps for at-risk youth.
* John’s statement on one theater’s choice to cancel their performance of Big Fish over the inclusion of same-sex parents.
* Highland 2 is officially out! This is the New York Times article about our Gender Analysis feature.
* Names on the Globe by George R. Stewart discusses the pronunciation of L.A.
* One space between each sentence, they said. Science just proved them wrong. is a Washington Post article by Avi Selk about whether to put one space or two after a period.
* According to Craig, Fun Home is a good example of a moving bookending.
* The Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman
* Dan Harmon’s Story Circle
* 21 Things to Know Before Losing Your Gay Virginity by Alexander Cheves
* Moodnotes is an app that tracks your mood
* The Scriptnotes Listeners’ Guide!
* The USB drives!
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