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Jan 15, 2020

This feed is ending. So is the app.

Hey, it’s John. If you’re seeing this episode, it means you’re subscribed to the old premium feed. We retired it at the end of 2019. Your subscription won’t renew, and the Scriptnotes app will stop working at some point, probably at the end of February.

That sounds bleak, but it’s actually good news. We’ve moved our Premium Memberships over to a new service that gives you access to all back episodes without any special app. Premium Members get episodes the night before everyone else, plus special bonus segments at the end.

You do need to do something, though.

Go to and it will bring you to the sign-up page. You just need your email address and a credit card.

Scriptnotes Premium is five bucks a month, which helps pay for our hosting, our producer Megana Rao, our editor Matthew Chilelli and our transcripts.

So, thank you for supporting us on this old service, and we hope to see you on the new one.

That URL again is Thanks!