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Sep 5, 2023

John and Craig investigate our primal instincts and how they motivate our characters. Often referred to as the four F’s, these are the impulses hardwired into every animal in order to survive. But how do these base impulses guide a character’s behavior? And how can they be harnessed to make sure you don’t...

Aug 30, 2023

John answers the most common questions he hears out on the picket line, including the nervous, “Wait, why are you here? Is something wrong?”


Aug 29, 2023

John and Craig examine the foundation of every story: the premise. What is your story really about? What questions is it trying to answer? How does that differ from your logline? And what should writers do to make sure those things match up?

We also follow up on AI copyright, physical media, Esperanto and lingua franca....

Aug 23, 2023

John and Drew inspect the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed merger guidelines and why they’re important for everybody – not just writers – to read and comment on.


Aug 22, 2023

John and Craig look at how well-written dialogue is used to give characters a unique voice. Using clips from previous episodes they present a history of dialogue and its evolution, how it informs your actors, and how communicating an idea sometimes comes down to the smallest words our characters say.

How can writers use...