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Sep 28, 2013

In this bonus episode, Craig and John and special guest Andrew Lippa answer audience questions after the New York live show, addressing topics ranging from sustaining your passion for a project to dealing with difficult gatekeepers. We had a great crowd with great questions, and Craig especially rose to the challenge.

Sep 24, 2013

John and Craig welcome their largest live audience yet for a conversation about Kickstarter, movie pilots and musicals. Joined by special guest Andrew Lippa, they talk about the special challenges and opportunities that arise when characters break into song.

It's the biggest, gayest, most musical episode yet....

Sep 17, 2013

John and Craig debate the perils and possibilities of bringing iPads into movie theaters. Is Disney's Little Mermaid iPad app a way to breathe new life into a classic, or a slippery slope towards cinematic ruin? It's a conversation with plenty of umbrage but from an unexpected source.

It's then time for another round of...

Sep 10, 2013

John and Craig discuss the difference between character intention and motivation, before segueing to conversations about working with actors and on-set writing.

We've released a new (and final) batch of seats for the live New York show on September 23rd, so grab your tickets now for a chance to see Craig and John...

Sep 3, 2013

John and Craig reveal their Myers-Briggs secrets as they discuss Kevin Spacey's comments on the state of television, Eric Garcetti's plans to address runaway production, and the WGA election.

There are still a (very) few tickets left for Scriptnotes Live in NYC on September 23rd, with Craig, John and special guest...