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Aug 25, 2015

John and Craig sit down with Marielle Heller, the writer and director of the acclaimed feature The Diary of a Teenage Girl, to talk about the journey of getting her movie made, from optioning the novel to the Sundance Labs through production.


We discuss sex scenes and ’70s wallpaper, anamorphic lenses and leaving...

Aug 18, 2015

Craig and John look at how movies are translated, including an interview with a guy who does subtitles for a living. Plus, how Pixar and other companies are localizing movies for international audiences, and what happens when China becomes the largest film market.


The USB drives are back in the store, and we’re...

Aug 11, 2015

John and Craig discuss why movie heroes — unlike those in novels or musicals – generally don’t profess internally conflicting views. In reality, our feelings on a topic are likely shades of gray. On the big screen, characters tend to articulate a single point firmly.


We also discuss the last few things we do...

Aug 4, 2015

Craig and John look at best practices for screenwriters promoting their films, both in traditional media and online. We’re not subtweeting anyone, and neither should you.


Also this week: more on reshoots, Stretch Armstrong and selective editing of quotes in movie reviews.