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Mar 27, 2012

Craig and John offer advice on handling revisions once your screenplay moves into production.

Why do you lock pages? How do you add scenes once the script is locked? Why are some pages different colors? And what comes between page 15 and 15A?

Get it right, and it should be smooth sailing. Get it wrong, and you have a...

Mar 19, 2012

Craig and John tackle five listener questions on topics ranging from greedy managers to lazy agents to throwing in the towel.

  • What happens when a manager wants to attach himself to your spec?
  • How much detail should a screenwriter provide about wardrobe?
  • When is it okay to give up on screenwriting?

Also discussed: St....

Mar 13, 2012

John and Craig turn from the pen to the knife to talk through the whys and hows of cutting pages both the cosmetic trims and the deep cuts.

Your script is probably too long. Here's how to fix that.

Craig also discusses his WGA seminar on surviving the feature film development process, and his vision for a...

Mar 6, 2012

Celebrating Leap Day, John and Craig play the game of "What If?" Specifically, what if we each were handed the reins of a major Hollywood studio?

We discuss what we'd movies we'd make, what standard practices we'd change, and how we'd address the shifting realities of movie-going and home video.

Could we really do it...