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Sep 26, 2011

In episode five of Scriptnotes, Craig and I dive deep into the esoterica of the WGA, copyright and separated rights as prelude to a discussion of two ongoing lawsuits: Jessica Bendinger vs. the Bring It On musical and Harlan Ellison vs. In Time.

Most installments of the podcast are very back-and-forth, but this is a...

Sep 16, 2011

In episode four of Scriptnotes, Craig and I discuss migraines, kidney stones and zombie apocalypse preparations before we segue to the main topic: how screenwriters work with directors, from the first meeting to on-set etiquette to giving notes in post.

Screenwriters and directors often come at a project from different...

Sep 12, 2011

This week, Craig and I follow up on our earlier comment about kids being the death of screenwriters, then dive into the process of outlining a script, from index cards to whiteboards to spreadsheets.

Along the way, we discuss Curious George, Torchwood and V.

Some links:

Sep 6, 2011

For our second podcast, Craig Mazin and I decided to tackle the question we've both been ducking since we started our blogs: "How do I get an agent and/or manager?"

It's an intractable question because while most working screenwriters have representation, no two of them got it the same way. If you ask a panel of...