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Oct 25, 2011

Craig and John tackle a listener question about the early stages of a screenwriting career: deciding which meetings to take, which projects to pursue, and how not to go broke in the process.

Once you've been hired for your first paid screenwriting job, the temptation is to pop the champagne corks and ditch that...

Oct 19, 2011

John and Craig discuss why screenwriters want to please people and how it often hurts them and the movies they write before a lengthy discussion of the pros and cons of going to film school.

We frame our film school discussion around John's generic list of why people choose to go to college or graduate school:

  1. The...

Oct 13, 2011

John and Craig answer a listener's question about whether (and how) to ditch an ineffective manager, then discuss daily work habits, hardware and software.

Other topics include Lion's reversed scrolling, stalking strangers on Google, and why there will likely never be a Final Draft Pro.

If you're enjoying the podcast,...

Oct 3, 2011

John and Craig look at the new fall shows and how little kids become screenwriters, with discussion of D&D, Malcolm Gladwell and daisy-wheel printers.

For this installment, I wanted to focus on how people become screenwriters. Not "how to" there are countless terrible books on that. Rather, what is it that calls people...