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Nov 7, 2017

John and Craig revisit the discussion of sexual harassment in Hollywood, and how to support writers facing it. While the media spotlight is on the predators, it’s the day-to-day bullying and bad behavior that may have a more pernicious effect.

Then it’s another round of How Would This Be a Movie, looking at stories in the news to see which ones might be suited for the big screen.

Is it the story of a prison camp for female firefighters? The shockingly unregulated human corpse trade? Or is it perhaps the anti-racist protestors shut down by other students at a super-liberal college?

We also answer listener questions about British English vocabulary and how to lure expert consultants for a project.


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* Peter Madsen admits to dismembering, but not killing, Kim Wall. This is a follow-up to past How Would This Be a Movie article, Famed Inventor Says He Buried Reporter ‘At Sea’ After His Homemade Sub Sank on NPR
* The 15:17 to Paris, written by Dorothy Blyskyl and directed by Clint Eastwood, is a former How Would This Be a Movie come to life.
* On the Line: The Female Inmates Who Battle California’s Deadly Wildfires by Matt Toder for NBC News.
* Some dead bodies donated to research in US end up in warehouses of horrors by Beth Mole for Ars Technica.
* The Surprising Revolt at the Most Liberal College in the Country by Chris Bodenner for The Atlantic
* An interactive piece by Joel Eastwood and Erik Hinton for the Wall Street Journal looking at the rhymes schemes in Hamilton
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